We are committed to becoming a leading direct investment institution
in the field of technology and innovation.
Our Mission: Make a more efficient world and a healthier life

Our Value:Sincere and honest, prudent but creative, persistent and self-driven

Sincere Capital, which was founded by senior investment specialists and had completed all the necessary regulatory registration procedures with Asset Management Association of China, mainly engages in investing in the fields of technology innovation and State-Owned Enterprises (SOE) reforms.

Sincere Capital has rich industrial resources and mainly manages the long-term capital of large financial institutions and industrial groups. By virtue of professional research on the real economy, especially "hard technology", and in-depth understanding of the capital market, we actively practice long-term value investment for investment opportunities arising from China's progressive reform, economic restructuring and industrial transformation and upgrading.

The investment team has gathered professionals with rich investment experience, profound research background and industrial genes, with a calm sniper style as the investment culture, valuing probability over odds.

Sincere Capital focuses on two major investment fields: the Internet of things (semiconductors, new materials, sensors, high-end equipment, etc.) and life science and technology (innovative drugs, innovative medical devices, precision medicine, etc.).

We select outstanding entrepreneurs and founders with lofty aspirations and down-to-earth attitude, and look for science and technology innovation enterprises with technical barriers and hard technology genes.
  • Artificial Intelligent
  • Internet of Thing
  • Innovation in Medicine
  • Life Science
Sincere-Capital has managed to complete all the necessary regulatory registration procedures
As a qualified fund management company, Sincere-Capital has managed to complete all the necessary regulatory registration procedures which are in strict compliance with the regulatory requirements of China Securities Regulatory Commission, including but not limited to registration of private equity fund manager, product filing, submission of audit reports, obtaining of legal opinion and periodic information disclosure.
Sincere-Capital's partners and other team members, are all professional investors
All the partners in Sincere Capital have doctoral and master degrees. The average working experience in the investment field is over 20 years and has gone through many economic cycles. Besides rich experience in investment, we are also equipped with industrial genes, familiar with global capital market, and have the ability to judge technological innovation and hard technology.
Specializing in alternative investments, Sincere Capital not only focuses on long-term structural value investments, but also accepts the underlying trading opportunities on selective basis. We emphasize on dedication and discipline, but also embrace expanded investment realm and flexible investment strategies.
We believe:

In the process of China's economic transformation, direct investment is an important choice of asset allocation and an important approach to innovation-driven high-quality development.

Direct equity investment is a long-term investment and a real value investment. It is a high professional industry with high threshold and only suitable for a few professionals.

Business model innovation driven by capital will not be sustainable. Hard technology enterprises with real technological innovation ability will usher in the spring. Finding these excellent entrepreneurs and enterprises and supporting them persistently is the only value of Sincere Capital.
Sincere Capital follows a strict risk management and investment decision - making system.
Sincere Capital follows a strict risk management and investment decision - making system. Through in-depth research of the industry and the company, the eligible investment targets are selected, and specific and clear provisions are made on project initiation, due diligence, value assessment, transaction structure, investment decision, post-investment management and exit, so as to reduce operational risks.
Project approval
Due diligence
Holidng investment decision
Making investment
Capital Exit
The experience of both making money and losing money is the essential to our team member before he/she could be qualified for a Partner of Sincere Capital.
The partner team of Sincere Capital has experienced many economic cycles and has rich experience in direct investment and post-investment management, which has contributed to the investment team's more rational, accurate and stable "sniper" investment style.

Investment projects led or participated by Sincere Capital investment team include but not limited to: Yantai Raytron Technology Co., Ltd., CNNC, Hiscene, JUOOO, SF Express, Shenhuo Group, Dusun International, Tsingtao Beer, Chongqing Polycom International, etc.
Persisting in value investment and long-term investment, we believe that Values are created through analysis and research.
Sincere Capital has established its own research institute, ‘Shanghai North Bund Financial Research Institute (NBFI)’ , joining force with Shanghai Jiaotong University and Shanghai Hongkou District Government. NBFI is a non-profit organization officially registered with the Ministry of Civil Affairs of PRC.